Faculty Development Program

S. No.


Organized by Teachers
1. Capacity Building Program-



CBSE, Centre of Excellence, Dehradun Ms Kiran Bala&Ms Seema Tyagi
2. Capacity Building Program- Physics CBSE, Centre of Excellence, Dehradun MsRichaRawat
3. Capacity Building Program- Maths CBSE, Centre of Excellence, National Progressive Schools Conference MrMayank Gupta


4. Capacity Building Program – English CBSE, Centre of Excellence MsSakshikumar


5. Capacity Building Program – PoliticalScience CBSE, Centre of Excellence Mr Abhishek
6. Teachers’ training on Weather, Environment & Climate in Schools (WISE) NCMRWF & Vigyan  Prasar Ms Anu Wadhwa
7. Mindsmart Series – III Expressions India Ms Deepti  Bhardwaj
8. Classroom Management BHIS Mentors All teachers
9. Effective Curriculum Mr Aniket Salunkhe , Kangaroo Kids Education Limited BHIS teachers
10. Handwriting skills Dr Ritika, Sanchetna BHIS teachers
11. Building self Esteem Dr Rima Sehgal BHIS teachers
12. Early Intervention DrSheeba Naqvi Sanchetna teachers
13. Curriculum Training Ms Janice Rayan, Kangaroo Kids education Limited KK teachers
14. Dealing with Autism MrPrithviPrepa KK, BHIS, Sanchetna teachers
15. Effective Comminication skills MsZoya Rizvi BHIS teachers
16. Classroom Management Ms  AnuPrabhakar BHIS teachers
17. MAP (Modification, Accommodation & Provision) of inclusion Dr Pooja ShivamJaitley BHIS, KK and Sanchetna teachers
18. Capacity Building Program in Value Education CBSE, Centre of Excellence MsShabana


19. Capacity Building Program on Inclusion & Inclusive Strategies CBSE, Centre of Excellence BHIS teachers
20. Capacity Building Program on RemodelledAssesssment CBSE, Centre of Excellence MsAnuWadhwa


21. Using technology to engage students in Primary school education Australian High Commission MsDeepti Bhatnagar
22. Teaching strategies & Classroom management Dr Ravindran

BHIS teachers

FDP 2017-18

Sr. No Name of the programme Resource
1. Capacity building programme on Life Skills C.B.S.E.
2 Understanding IT Security & Innovation UPES The Nation Building University
3 Case Studies and Clinical Appraisal Session I of Emotional, Behavioural & Development Disorders Dr. Jitender Nagpal
4 ISBF Annual Teacher’s Symposium 2017 Dr. James Abdey
5 World Health Day Celebration ( Depression – Lets Talk) Dr. Jitender Nagpal
6 Progressive Seminar on Economics Prof. J. P. Goel
7 Capacity Building Programme on Challenging Areas in Social Science Class X C.B.S.E.
8 Strategies to teach spellings BHIS mentors
9 Strategies to teach handwriting Ms. Megha, Ms. Piyali BHIS mentors
10 Teachers as story teller BHIS mentors
11 Inter Personal Relationship Ms. Nancy Sharma, Ms. Deepti Bhardwaj
12 Capacity Building Programme on Gender Sensitivity C.B.S.E.
13 Club Presentation Club Incharges
14 Teachers Workshop Mr.  Jitin Chawla
15  Recreate Yourself Mr.  Sushant Kalra
16 Capacity Building Programme on Grade X Science C.B.S.E.
17 Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills C.B.S.E.
18 Effective DRM Implementation Principal
19 Effective CRM Ms. Nancy, Ms. Deepti
20 First Aid/CPR and Medial emergency Dr Ashwinder and team from Jaypee Hospital
21 Assessment- Effective tool for teaching learning Principal Ma’am, Ms. Rooma Arora
22 Training Students for Debates World Scholar’s Cup
23 Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management C.B.S.E.


Our quest is to create an educational system of 'useful individualized learning' that stimulates passion and brilliance in every child.




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