‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.’ -Socrates

Clubs have an important role to play in enriching the curriculum. We want happy, self-confident children because they are motivated and can achieve more is the philosophy laid by Billabong High International School. The events that we plan and participate in are perfect platforms for students to use to find and express their talents and interests, and in the process discover more about themselves.

The various clubs provides varied opportunities for students to experiment and find those areas in which they excel; more importantly, areas in which they find comfort and enjoyment. An activity chosen as hobby is very dear to one’s heart, doing which the hobbyist derives immense satisfaction. Pursuing an activity in which you have inherent interest helps unearth hidden talents. They broaden the child’s horizons, both socially and individually thus leading to interactions with peers and teachers outside the normal school setting.

The various clubs offered to the learners are:

a. Eco Club

b. Peace Club

c. Integrators

d. Expression Club

e. IT Club

f. Literary Club

g. Astronomy Club

h. Robotics Club

i. Jeevan Kaushal

j. Economics Club

k. Music- Indian & Western-Guitar and Drums

l. Dance – Indian Classical / Folk


Many of the activities offered by clubs help students to extend and elaborate on the more formal knowledge learned in school.


Our quest is to create an educational system of 'useful individualized learning' that stimulates passion and brilliance in every child.




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